Has it ever not been lonely at the top?

No amount of formal education, years of hard knocks or a truckload of thoroughbred genes can prepare a business owner for today’s complex environment.

Kansas City has been blessed with three icons in entrepreneurism: Ewing Kauffman (the Kauffman Foundation), Henry Bloch (the Bloch School of Entrepreneurship) and Barnett Helzberg (the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program), these very fine organizations are designed to serve those who seek to become entrepreneurs and early stage emerging business owners.

Beyond the early growth phase for small businesses, there is no client centric, Kansas City based resource specifically designed to provide continuing education to small business owners.

The Heartland Business Exchange seeks to fill that void. We have a simple offer…no payment is expected unless the value received exceeds the fee.

  • Candid conversation
  • Constructive and objective support
  • Diagnosis of the problem
  • Development of solutions
  • Agreement and commitment
  • Effective execution of strategy
  • Consistent, predictable, growing and profitable revenue growth
  • Alignment of goals, strategies, effort, results and rewards
  • Performance metrics
  • Leadership development
  • Effective communications and coordination between leadership and management leadership through change
  • Organizational resilience
  • Organizational and individual health