The distinguishing element of the peer group is value received. At corporate board meetings leaders and managers are expected to create value. In a peer group the participants receive value. Peer group members seek to learn from one another solutions to new and old problems and challenges.

When two or more people harmonize their minds and produce the effect known as a “Master Mind,” each person in the group becomes vested with … knowledge through the … minds of the other members of the group. Knowledge, alone is not power. Great personal power is acquired only through the harmonious cooperation of a number of people who concentrate their efforts upon some definite plan. (Napoleon Hill)

No matter the scale, discovering the gaps in your understanding is essential for business leaders. An undiagnosed gap in knowledge means you might not fully understand a problem. That can hinder achievement of effective and innovative solutions.

Through an exchange among peer group members, thoughtful management of the agenda and selective inclusion of content experts, we can create an accelerated learning experience designed to strengthen leadership and to enhance business value.

Here are some of the benefits of peer group participation:


  • Confidentiality. The confidential environment of our peer group allows for a robust and comprehensive discussion of issues.
  • Advisory council. Our peer group brings the broad perspective of different skills, experience and industries into important strategic and management decisions.
  • Enduring relationships. The peer group experience with result in strong relationships.
  • Education. Our participants recognize the value of continuous learning and we are committed to creating a learning experience that will translate to an increase in shareholder value.
  • Connectivity. Our participants are long time, in some cases 4th generation, owners and leaders of their companies.



  • Sanctuary for Candid Discussion of Ideas
  • Brain Storming New Strategies and Finding Solutions to Problems
  • Sounding Board
  • Visionary Thinking
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Diversity of Perspectives
  • Share Best Practices
  • Leadership Development


Subject Matter Topics/Experts

  • Organizational and Individual Health
  • Leadership
  • Effective Communications and Cooperation among Leadership and Management
  • Dysfunctions of a Group
  • Effective Meetings
  • Strategy and Execution
  • Board Governance
  • Integration of business and technology
  • Negotiations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ethics in Business
  • Disaster Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Marketing (creative branding, community based marketing)
  • International Business (economic, political, geographical and governmental forces)
  • Family Owned Business Challenges
  • Modern Manufacturing Techniques


Rules of Engagement

  • Confidentiality
  • Mutual respect
  • Shared information will not be used in the marketplace to do harm
  • Constructive Participation



  • 8-10 Business Members
  • Annual revenues above $10 million
  • Non-Competing and Unrelated Businesses


Program Commitments

  • Monthly meetings with Peer Group
  • Monthly one-on-one consulting sessions
  • Individual Member Presentations
  • Presentations by subject matter experts
  • Book Reviews