Heartland Business Exchange, Inc.
Guiding Business Owners to Build Sustainable
Organizations and to Maximize Value

Steve C. Johns, MBA, JD
Telephone: 913-681-9162
Cell Phone: 913-579-6270

Steve has been involved in building organizations, turnaround consulting and mergers and acquisitions of businesses for over 25 years. As President of Heartland Business Exchange, Inc., Steve serves business owners in a professional and confidential manner to reduce risk, to grow earnings and to build a sustainable organization all of which enhance value and pave the way to a smooth and financially rewarding transition in ownership and control.

Successful execution of these strategies will result in home mortgages and car loans paid off, college educations funded, secure employment, a return on the investment of blood, sweat and tears by the business owner(s) and a stronger local economy.

Peer Group Facilitation
CEO Consulting
Succession Planning
Mergers and Acquisitions
For 8 years Steve was the host of a radio show focused on economic development in Kansas City. Over 200 of Kansas City’s entrepreneurs, politicians, community leaders, book authors and professional advisors told their stories on The Heartland Business Exchange on KMBZ Business Channel.

Steve received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance and a Law Degree from the University of Kansas.